Part III of the series!



Tessa thought her life had finally become normal.  She had a man who loves her, a beautiful baby she was co-parenting, and a booming business.  Just when she got comfortable in her happiness, all hell breaks loose forcing her to do things that she promised herself she wouldn’t as well as facing her own skeletons.  David is on the run, and no one seems to know where he is or his intentions.  Little do they know, he has help carrying out his revenge and getting his son. Yvette is on a dangerous mission of her own, plotting to make everyone who hurt her pay.  Not to mention being bent on getting her and David’s son back.  Erica and Rome are still trying to bounce back from the lies and secrets that Erica kept from him about Yvette, while Erica continues to battle other issues that she’s hiding from Rome. Angie has aspirations to start her own business, but she runs into some unexpected obstacles that will change her life forever. Ed and Maggie have more secrets of their own that are quickly surfacing, and the outcome may be devastating for all. Derrick finds himself in the middle of it all and tries to maintain his relationship with Tessa without revealing his own skeletons. Sam is just trying to maintain his happiness after losing Tessa to Derrick and be a good father to his son, but he is slowly finding out that things just aren’t what they seem when it comes to Tessa.


“When the Truth Won’t Set You Free”

is proof that what’s done in the dark comes to light!

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