Part IV

Sex, love, lies, drama!


This is the conclusion to the truth, secrets, and lies series! All the secrets come out and the lies are revealed. Not only will Tessa find out more truths but her lies will be exposed as well.  Will she be able to handle it?


Yvette is determined to get her son back and she will do what she has to do to get him. What will it cost her?  What will she learn about herself? How will she handle it?


Erica and Rome continue to struggle with their trust issues. Will this last bit of drama push them to the end of their relationship?


Then there is Sam, he is still paying for his lies and secrets.  He’s at Tessa’s mercy while trying to make a family he never had.  Will he finally get that family?


Angie's world is crashing around her. Will she survive this storm?


David is experiencing a new world, has fallen in love, and is determined to have his son in it. Will he be able to have everything he wants?


Derrick has to live a double life to keep his brother free and safe and is torn between loving and hating Tessa. How much longer will he be able to juggle all of these situations? Will he come out on top?


Ed and Maggie reveal more secrets they kept in the name of keeping their family together. Will these secrets destroy the family they tried so hard to protect?


This is the Demise of the Lies!

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