There were so many twists and turns in this book that were unexpected and definitely not predictable. It had a perfect cliffhanger ending that set you up for the second book "Living in the Truth". Both books had me not wanting to put them down, anticipating what would happen next. After reading part 2, I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd installment.

Demetrice Nichelle's novel "When The Truth Is A Lie" and the follow-up "Living In The Truth" was captivating. Both the drama and suspense of the novels played havoc with my emotions.  I am anxiously awaiting Part 3.  

Where do I begin? It’s full of suspense and definitely keeps you on your toes! There is never a dull moment and keeps you wanting to read more and more!  It makes you feel love and enjoy the romance until it brings you to tears and before you know it, you’re screaming to the top of your lungs! Definitely a must read!.

Queen Mitchell 

Tekia W.

S. daughtry

Congratulations to this bright author who tells it like it is. It is like riding the roller coaster you are up, down, many twists, turns and yes the drop...It is a remarkable story about will not be able to put it down....

I read the book in one day that's how good it was.I really enjoyed it.

cheryl d.




Demetrice Nichele has been writing short stories, plays, and novels since grade school.  Her passion for storytelling is felt through her ability to paint the intricate and sometimes messy lives of everyday people on the page.   


Demetrice currently lives in Virginia and is the mother of two adult children.  When not writing, she enjoys serving customers in her baking business, reading, traveling and cooking.   

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